Translit Keyboard

Transliteration is the mapping of one alphabet to another. Do you need to type in another language on your iPhone — Russian, for instance — but find yourself struggling with the native keyboard? Translit Keyboard lets you type using the same old QWERTY keyboard you're used to, but converts the output straight to the alphabet of your choice!


3rd Party System Keyboard

Translit Keyboard is a 3rd party system keyboard. Use it from almost any app: Safari, Mail, Messages, Notes — wherever transliteration is needed the most.

Immediate Transliteration

You don't have to wait or push any buttons for transliteration to complete. The transliteration appears as you type, updating as needed. (And if you need to type in English again, you can switch it right off.)

Multiple Languages

With the premium version, you can transliterate into Russain, Ukranian, Armenian, Belarusian, Georgian, Greek, and Macedonian. Or you can try the Lite version with Old Slavonic if you want to see how it all works!

Your Privacy Protected

None of your keystrokes are ever saved or sent over the network. In fact, the iOS privacy settings chosen for the app guarantee this.